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Application in process technology, heating of fluids, air and gases, for melting metals, radiant heating, contact heating.

Flat oval cross section with dimensions 12.0 x 5.5 mm. Manufactured length has a minimum value of 100mm and can be up to a maximum of 3500 mm.

As per requirement. Tolerances are 12.0 +/-0.1 mm, 5.5 +/- 0.1 mm. Tolerance determined for the length is +/- 2%, minimum being +/- 5 mm (Special tolerances of dimensions are applicable in case of deformed flat tube heaters).

Material of the outer case of the tube
Nickel-chromium steel. Material No. 1.4306 (AISI 304L) 1.4541 (AISI 321) 1.4876 (Alloy 800).

Maximum permissible surface temperature on the outer surface of the heater is 600ーC.

Depending on the intended purpose and in compliance with the operating conditions and media.

Any value up to 15 Watt per centimeter of heating length, or up to a maximum of 6.8 Amp鑽e (with restriction in case of relatively lower power and shorter length of the heating element under normal voltages). In case of special designs with varying power density, this calculation shall be applied to the total length of the heater.

Any value, provided that it is technically feasible.

Standard Connection
Standard design: An isolated cable, with length 150 mm. Further standard lengths: 250 500 800 1000 mm. For other designs of the connection, see further below.

Non-heating ends of the tube
A minimum of 20 m on the connection side and 10 mm at the end of the tube. The maximum can be any value in steps of 5 mm. 

Flanges, threaded nipple with screw heads in question.

Helically formed thermal conductor embedded in a high quality dielectric material and very highly compressed to a cross section of 12 x 5.5 mm by contraction of the outer case of the tube. The end of the tube is welded and the connection side is sealed. Data related to power and voltage is stamped on the heating element.
Final inspection is carried out as a routine check test in conformance with DIN EN 60335 1 (VDE 0700).

Data required when placing the order
Quantity / length / voltage / wattage
(In case of special connection designs, construction and length shall be provided).
Sketches or drawings are necessary in the case of shaping, flange, fastening with threaded nipple and screw head.
If you wish to shape yourself the heaters, please, specify while ordering: "Heater(s) shall be soft annealed!".



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