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The Rotfil product range is the largest available from a single electric heater manufacturer. The wide range of products offered and technical excellence are the result of our unequalled experience and our policy of continuous technical research and improvement. Rotfil has obtained, together with ISO 9001:2008 certification, a great number of patents (check out for example our SC400sealingsystem), as well as the capacity to normally produce under the most widespread technical and safety standards and regulations, providing corresponding certifications.

We work together with our customers in a partnership that provides the best electrical-heating solution for every application, even the most demanding or rare. We never forget that it is our utmost responsibility to and constantly and always provide the highest level of service and quality to our customers.

Our mission is:

- To ensure customer satisfaction through constructive co-operation, quick feed-back, high technical level, strong engineering support, prompt deliveries, with the most cost-efficient product and technically fit for the application requested.

- To achieve an acceptable level of profit through optimally designed products and appropriate manufacturing processes that are studied to maximise products' value, employee satisfaction and respect of the environment, with the lowest attainable rate of errors.

- To build and maintain a good and constructive relationship with customers and suppliers, by means of mutual co-operation and an understanding of the respective needs and targets, in a steady progress toward our goal of being "The Markets Preferred Source of Industrial Heaters".

See here attached the UL/CSA files for cartridge heaters, also UL and VDE files for PTC heaters

Certificate UL CSA UTX with TCCertificate UL CSA UTX with TC

Certificate UL CSA UTXCertificate UL CSA UTX

Certificate UL CSA PTCUCertificate UL CSA PTCU

Certificate VDE PS1K PF1KCertificate VDE PS1K PF1K

Certificate VDECertificate VDE

Certificate VDE PC1KCertificate VDE PC1K

Certificate IMQ SPCS class I with pinsCertificate IMQ SPCS class I with pins

Certificate IMQ SPCS class I with cablesCertificate IMQ SPCS class I with cables

Certificate IMQ SPCS class II with cablesCertificate IMQ SPCS class II with cables

Rotfil ISO 9001Rotfil ISO 9001

AZ Technology ISO 9001AZ Technology ISO 9001

VARITEC ISO 9001Varitec ISO 9001

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