Apri/ChiudiCartridge Heaters
High Watt Density
High Watt Density with TC
Medium Watt Density
Low Watt Density
Extra-High Watt Density
Hi-Temp. Super Sealing
Low Voltage
PTC Self-Limiting
Bolt Heaters
Cartridge Heaters for Fluids
Hi-Temp. Super Sealing
Options & Accessories
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Apri/ChiudiMicrotubular Coil Heaters
Standard Sizes
Ordering Forms
Coiling Machine
Special Versions
Hi-Temp. Super Sealing
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Apri/ChiudiNozzle Heaters
Features (Piromax)
Brass Nozzle Heaters
Stainless Steel Nozzle Heaters
Extra-Thin Nozzle Heaters
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Apri/ChiudiBand Heaters
Mica Band Heaters
Ceramic Band Heaters
Rectangular Band Heaters
Cast Alu/Brass Heaters
Protection Housings
Insulating Pads
Contact Accessories
Connection Boxes
Clamping Devices
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Apri/ChiudiFlat Heaters
Mica Flat Heaters
Cast Alu/Brass Heaters
Grooved Heating Plates
Apri/ChiudiFlat Cartridge Heaters
Connection Options
Heating Options
Bending in Shapes
Application and Shapes
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Apri/ChiudiTubular Heaters
Plain Tubular Heaters
Square Cross-Section
Finned Tubular Heaters
Duct Air Heaters
Threaded Immersion Heaters
Flanged Immension Heaters
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Apri/ChiudiCartridge Heaters for Radiators
Constant-power Heaters
PTC Self-Limiting Heaters
Connection Fitting
Control Units
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Apri/ChiudiInfrared Radiant Heaters
Applications & Choice
Technical Data
Thermo-sensitive Colours
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Apri/ChiudiFully-Ceramic Heaters
Technical Data
Apri/ChiudiThermocouples & Resistances
MgO-insulated TC
Conventional TC
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Apri/ChiudiHeating Cable
Self Regulating
Constant Power
Mineral Insulated
Freeze Protection
Apri/ChiudiFlexible Heating Tapes
Etched Foils - General informations
Features - Etched Foils
Apri/ChiudiDrum Heaters for Barrels
Integral Drum Heaters
Flexible Drum Heaters
Apri/ChiudiMoSi2 Heaters
Apri/ChiudiAir Heaters
Apri/ChiudiTemperature Control Units

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The Rotfil product range is the largest available in this field from a sole manufacturer. The wide range offered and the technical excellence of our products are the result of our unequalled experience and policy of continuous technical research and improvement.

Founded in Italy in 1977, today Rotfil is a group of companies with modern manufacturing locations in Europe and overseas, that supply customers with standard or customised high-quality solutions for almost any electrical heating application.

In the 5,000 m² headquarters, located near Turin (Italy), Rotfil technicians, quality experts and production planners oversee the activity of Rotfil production plants, under the guidance of the same owner who founded the company and made it grow in the past 25 years to present size and global presence.

These characteristics, and the technical level and reliability of its products, make Rotfil one of the worlds top manufacturers of high-watt-density heating cartridges. Day after day, Rotfil continues to improve and enlarge their services to customers world wide, developing and manufacturing innovative technical solutions that meet the most complex electrical-heating application needs in almost any field.

Thousands of heating elements leave our factories every day to reach our customers world wide. To serve our customers better, more than 50,000 products are always in stock for prompt delivery. Hundreds of thousands of different technical solutions have been designed and manufactured in the last 25 years, providing a huge database and experience that make our solutions every day faster, more application-fit, more cost-efficient, and more reliable.

Not only is Rotfil certified ISO 9001, they can also boast a great number of patents (check out for example our SC400 sealing system), as well as the capacity to normally produce under most of the existing international technical and safety standards and regulations, providing the corresponding certifications.

To mention a few of the Rotfil registered trademarks: Ultramax, Ipermax, Supermax, Normax, Rollmax, Automax, Piromax, Termomax, Rotfil also distributes, with local distribution agreements, the products of: Osram Sylvania (Air Heaters, USA), RKC (Thermoregulators and Sensors, Japan) and Athena Controls (Temperature Control Units, USA).

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