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Large-Diameter Cartridge Heaters for Fluids

For heating liquids, air and gases.

Dimensions, diameter
Nominal value, diameter 38 mm 48 mm 58 mm
Outer diameter, head 52 mm 54 mm 63 mm
Height, head 20 mm 10 mm 8 mm
Nominal value, diameter 38 mm 48 mm 58 mm
Outer diameter, head 52 mm 54 mm 63 mm
Height, head 20 mm 10 mm 8 mm

Dimensions (length)
Minimum mounting length approximately 90 mm, increasing in units of about 50 mm. Maximum dimensions practically unlimited, depending on the technical requirements. About 10% longitudinal expansion to be considered while measuring length of the heating element on account of heating (special models possible in mm-wise length increments).

Any convenient power, depending on use type, installation and environment conditions. Maximum power (heated elements are 50 mm long each) corresponding to the heating of the following media:
- Water, stationary; 300 Watt 380 Watt 450 Watt
- Caustic solution, fluid 250 Watt 320 Watt 380 Watt
- Oil, fluid 200 Watts 250 Watt 300 Watt
- Oil, viscous 120 Watt 150 Watt 180 Watt
- Metals, heating through contact 180 Watts 230 Watt 280 Watt
- Air, stationary 150 Watt 190 Watt 230 Watt

Unheated lengths
Increasing in 50 mm units from the connecting head.

Power (Watt)
Any convenient wattage up to the maximum load values of the corresponding use type. Power limit, one-phase per connection 30 A. In AC current, 30 A per phase. In case of one-phase connection, option of two separate power phases.

Screw connection M6

Tension (Volt)
Any convenient voltage under the precondition that it should be technically feasible.

Operational temperature depends on material of the bores or insertion tubes, maximum 650 C

Insertion-based construction. For heating of fixed objects in the bores through contact - standard diameter of heating element. For heating of liquids, air and gases in tubes of clear width - standard diameter of heating element. Wall thickness approximately 13 mm (corresponding mechanical requirements or pressure conditions). Tube casing made of non-combustible material. Heat transfer tubes are welded to the container or register to be heated.

Winded heating coils, drawn into the grooves of the longitudinally arranged ceramic components. The grouped parts are screwed to each other with the help of an axially placed rod Made of non-combustible material. In the vertical installation, slumping of the heating coils is prevented by the ceramic mass between the parts. Testing according to VDE 0720.

Ordering information
- Quantity
- Nominal diameter / mounting length
- Tension (Volt) / Power (Watt)
- Unheated length
For use in the vertical installation position, please add the note: "vertical installation".

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