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Homogeneous Ceramic Heating Elements

Our homogeneous ceramic heating elements are a patented novelty on the field of electrical heating. They offer advantages in the production and the transfer of heat in technological processes, in laboratory devices and in home appliances.

The heating elements are made of a very solid electrically insulated ceramic body and of an electric conductor, in conducting ceramic. Both are pressed together in high temperature and form a homogenious element. Well-conducting ceramic contacts are passed up to the surface. They are the power supply of the element. The connection to the power supply is made of soldered wires for temperatures on the contact up to 580 C, or it is managed by screwed or jammed contacts, which can be used under protecting gas and in vacuum, up to 1600 C on the contact.

The manufacturing method makes a multipurpose styling possible - flat heaters, stick heaters, perforated filter elements, crucibles. The heating function can be integrated in very solid ceramic pieces, like spray nozzles or rolls.

                            Sharp-pointed Heater 

                        Gas / Oil / Solid Fuel Igniters 


- high energy density up to 100 W/cm2 with radiation emission
- high temperatures up to more than 1000 C, with short periods of heating up to a high temperature
- resistant to oxidation, acides, bases, corrosive gases, low moistening with liquid metals
- high mechanical stability, high isolation resistance and strainer stability

- heaters for semiconductor-technologies in vacuum, corrosive gases, acides, etc.
- roll-heatings, glueing-bars, heated parts of machines
- preheaters, heater plugs and fuses for oil heatings, diesel engines and gas stoves
- immersion heaters for water and chemics, e.g. instantaneous water heaters, galvanic bathes, steam generators
- heated outlets and tubes in casting machines, e.g. spraying machines
- heated point
- heated flange
- ceramic igniters
- water/liquid heaters


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