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Cast Alu/Brass Heaters
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Clamping Devices
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Apri/ChiudiFlat Heaters
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Grooved Heating Plates
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Thermo-sensitive Colours
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Apri/ChiudiFully-Ceramic Heaters
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Apri/ChiudiFlexible Heating Tapes
Etched Foils - General informations
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Apri/ChiudiDrum Heaters for Barrels
Integral Drum Heaters
Flexible Drum Heaters
Apri/ChiudiMoSi2 Heaters
Apri/ChiudiAir Heaters
Apri/ChiudiTemperature Control Units

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Peltier-Effect Heaters/Coolers

Thermoelectric products based on the Peltier Effect have the characteristic of behaving both as heaters and coolers.

The Peltier Effect was discovered in 1834, and rapidly became the core of thermoelectric technology, changing traditional ideas about cooling and heating.

Freon refrigerating systems and appliances, which are broadly used in many fields of activity all over the world, but have seriously damaged in the environment and the ecological balance on the Earth's atmosphere including ozone layer depletion. The best substitute for compression and absorption refrigerating systems is the thermoelectric cooling method, where electron and hole gases in semi-conducting material act as coolants.

Thermoelectric cooling systems optimize compression refrigerating giving higher reliability, mechanical strength, resistance to shocks, vibrations and other loads, where as conventional systems result in leakage of coolants. Thermoelectric systems do not require systematic maintenance.

The advantage of employing thermoelectric coolers, is that no further maintenance or repairing is necessary. Thermoelectric systems revolutionize conventional approaches to cooling and are increasingly used in a wide range of applications, for example medicine, railway vehicles, automotive, aircraft and aerospace industries, communications, computer technologies, industrial electronics, power engineering, consumer goods as well as domestic appliances.

The application of flexible technologies allows to quick response to various demands on the market today. New unique solutions for heating/cooling problems are rapidly offered for various fields of activity, in different countries and climatic regions.

Main benefits of thermoelectric systems are:
- small dimensions
- wide range of operating temperatures
- resistance to high mechanical loads, shocks and vibrations
- high-G-level and zero-gravity applications
- switches between heating and cooling modes simply by reversing the polarity or power supply
- can work in any position (orientation), unlike other absorbtion cooling systems
- no moving parts
- ecologically safe (no coolants are applied)
- no maintenance required


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